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Computer Policy

South Mississippi Regional Library Computer/Internet Use Agreement and Policy

  1. To use SMRL computers, you must have your own library card. Residents of Marion and Jefferson Davis counties must apply for a card if they do not have a current one. One-day guest cards will be issued for out-of-area visitors.

  2. If there are fines or overdue materials on your library account, you will be blocked from checking out a computer until the fine is paid and/or the materials returned.

  3. Computer use on SMRL computers is limited to a maximum 180 minutes (3 hours) per day. At the Library Staff’s discretion, priority may be given to students doing homework or online classes.

  4. Users, whether wireless or wired, agree not to engage in any activity that violates this policy, including but not limited to, viewing pornography (nudity, sexually explicit content), viewing content harmful to minors, sites promoting illegal activities, obscenity or engaging in computer fraud. Patrons caught violating this policy may have their computer privileges revoked and face criminal penalties. Viewing Child Pornography is a criminal activity that will be reported to the Police. (See full policy and Mississippi Code 1972 Annotated 97-5-27, 97-5-29, 97-45-3).

  5. Children 17 and under must have a permission form signed by a parent/legal guardian to use the computers without the parent/legal guardian present. Parents/guardians must read the Safe Internet Policy and should educate their minor children on safe Internet usage, particularly giving out personal information.

  6. Computer users must not engage in any activity that could harm or disable the computer, software on the computer, or the security in place. Hacking, changing settings, altering files, or downloading software is not permitted. Violations will result in loss of privileges and possible prosecution (see full policy and MS Code 1972 Annotated 97-45-7).

  7. Users may not save to the hard drive on SMRL computers. Flash drives and blank CD’s are for sale at the circulation desk.

  8. EnvisionWare will monitor the timed sessions and shut down at the end of the session. Users may log in again up to three times per day if no one waiting is for the computer. However, if directed by a staff member to relinquish the computer, the user must do so.

  9. EnvisionWare also monitors printing and will hold prints in a queue for a period of time until paid. However, in the event that any printing generated by the user is printed, the user must pay for the prints.

  10. Only one person is permitted to sit at a computer, unless permission is granted by Library Staff. Eating and drinking are not permitted.

  11. Users are not to engage in any activity that will disturb other computer users. This includes, but not limited to, playing sound without headphones (available for sale at the circulation desk), talking on cell phone calls (calls should be taken outside unless it is necessary to complete an assignment on the computer), talking to other patrons, etc. Disturbances of any nature will be dealt with by staff. Depending on the severity, staff may issue warnings, ask patrons to leave, or call the police.

  12. Remember that while you are visiting or talking, your minutes on the computer are ticking down. Don’t waste your time. If you leave a computer to use your cell phone outside, the staff may close your session and assign the computer to the next waiting patron.

  13. Public computers will automatically shut down 10 minutes before closing.



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